Drake Capitalizes Off Jimi Hendrix's Inspiration

Young Money's Drake recently opened up about his admiration for the late rock star Jimi Hendrix and how much of an impact the artist's legacy has had on him.

According to Drake, Hendrix's influence is seen through his current Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour.

"It's a really stunning setup, heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix," Drake told MTV News. "Not necessarily in any set that he designed, but more so his music and his vibe. It's called the Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour -- it's very psychedelic. It's very much based on day and night, like times of day, and I carry you through a full day in the show. It's really cool, and I'm enjoying it. It's great to have those elements." (MTV)

Last week, Drake visited the grave site of Hendrix in Seattle, Washington.

The rap star revealed he's a major fan of the influential guitarist, so visited his grave in Washington when he was performing nearby at the Bumbershoot Festival. "I just left a little letter for Jimi at his grave," shared Drake. "It wasn't a real letter. I just wrote him a message... It said, 'Still inspired'." (OMG Music)

He also recently opened up about watching past documented performances of the late singer.

"I'm a huge fan -- I play the DVD of Hendrix at Woodstock to pump me up before I perform. Watching him go out there at 10 in the morning in shitty weather and conquer the crowd always gives me a little more adrenaline." (Rolling Stone)

The late rock star passed away in 1970.

Hendrix, who is considered to be one of the greatest electric guitarists of all time, cut his stardom short by ingesting a lethal dosage of Vesperex sleeping pills. He was also found asphyxiated in his own vomit. Decades later Hendrix continues to receive posthumous accolades, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994, and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. (The Boom Box)