Lloyd Banks Describes Blue Fridays Game Plan

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks has decided to follow Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Friday blueprint by releasing new music on a weekly basis.

According to Banks, he will drop a new record online each Friday until his Hunger For More 2 album comes out in November.

"I'm not gonna stop putting out mixtape material, I don't know if I'm gonna put it out in the form of a mixtape," Banks explained in an interview. "But every Friday, I've been releasing a new record. Every Friday for 'Blue Fridays.' So I figure we do that for the next eight, nine weeks and by the time the album comes out, [the fans] will have a mixtape if they put it all together." (WV Soul Magazine)

Earlier this month, Banks discussed pausing on dropping mixtapes with G-Unit affiliate DJ Whoo Kid.

"Well Whoo Kid, he's on like, he's suspended right now, at the moment," Banks said in an interview. "I made that guy so much money and did so many mixtapes with him. I put out five mixtapes in a year. He's been hitting me lately because he knows I'm getting ready to drop, so he's pressing me for a mixtape but I don't know man. I know I'm gonna scatter material out so they're gonna be hearing freestyle material on radio shows, the Internet, sprinkling it all around. But as far as a whole body of work on a mixtape, I don't know if they gonna get one. I mean, we'll see how things go but I never stop working on that underground material because it gives me the advantage to speak on currentevents. Who knows, somebody could speak on Banks tomorrow and something would be out by Friday." (Civilized Talk)

A few days ago, 50 Cent tweeted what artists would be featured on Banks' upcoming Hunger For More 2 album.

"Banks HFM2 is gonna be crazy! I'm on the album. Em on it,kanye, stylesP, ryan leslie, swizz, fab, jeremih, raekwon,yayo, chris brown," 50 tweeted Monday (September 27). (50 Cent's Twitter)

Banks recently said that contributions from West Coast rap newcomer Nipsey Hussle and production by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League could be expected on his third solo effort.

"I got a kid named Cardiac who did about 3 or 4 joints. I also did a record with Nipsey Hu$$le, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League but I make a lot of my music at my home and a lot of the music is there. Sometimes it's just easier to get music done with new producers. They are there whenever we need them. But I'm not finished recording yet, and I got a few major surprises." (VIBE)

The Hunger For More 2 is scheduled to drop Tuesday, November 23rd.