UPDATE: Rick Ross Confronts Leaked Sex Tape Footage

Southern rapper Rick Ross has come forward to address alleged leaked footage of himself engaging in a sexual encounter with a woman.

Writing via Twitter, Rozay dismissed the video's authenticity.

"just saw the so called sex tape..the n*gga had a louie flag in back pocket but forgot the tattooes..#fail," Ross tweeted Thursday (September 23). (Rick Ross' Twitter)

Details on the leaked footage hit the Internet earlier today.

IS this 50 Cent up to something? Was sent a link from thisis50.com and they were saying there is a Rick Ross sex tape/ I found the mere thought hilarious. I don't know Ross would get caught out there like that, but the say there is a "non-nude." All I can say is that the video is incredibly blurry and it shows a man with a beard with a woman in a dress. Somebody says it may be before the fame Rick Ross has had this far in. IF Ross leaded this himself, it would be genius. LOL! (Illseed)

The three-minute teaser footage is currently featured on rap rival 50 Cent's website, This Is 50.

Ayo, this s*** right here is some crack... dis n**** rozay actually knows how to stroke... u gotta watch this in full.. the songs are funny as hell and ricky getting his a****** licked and fingered is even funnier.. by the way this video was made before rick ross blew up and now someone released it.. or is it a publicity stunt to sell more records?? pics taken from video. (This Is 50)