5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...My Record - Waka Flocka Flame, "Flockaveli"

[With this week's release of Flockaveli, BET Hip-Hop Awards nominee Waka Flocka Flame delivers the top five reasons you should support his debut effort.]

1. I Do It For Hip-Hop

My number one reason why you should go out and buy the album is because y'all know I did it for y'all. Like, y'all know that I just gotta go crazy for all of y'all and I'm keep the party going, I'm keep up everybody's spirit. I'm taking everybody's spirits to the top. That's the reason why y'all should go out and get the album.

2. I Love My Job

My second reason for you to go and get it is because I really worked hard on this. I went "in" on this, y'all know what I'm saying? Just like the last mixtape, I go hard whenever I go into dropping some new music. If you really consider yourself a Waka Flocka fan, then you will go out and support Waka Flocka Flame and keep me going.

3. Real Recognize Real

My third reason is I just want y'all to go and believe that I am a real person about what I'm talking about. I'm not trying to plagiarize nothing and I'm not trying to be something that I'm not. I'm trying to give more people opportunities on what I'm doing to support the movement.

4. Doggystyle 2010

Lex Luger did about 12 to 13 of the beats so you already know that the whole album is jumping. From front to the back. "Turned Up" is on the album, "Southside" is on it too. The production is there. Lex is my Dr. Dre, literally. Like, that's why we're the new Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Real talk. He knows everything about me, that's my boy. That's like my little brother and my business partner. That's my dawg. If I need something or he needs something, he's gonna ask me. We party together, we laugh together, we do everything. He can come to my house and spend a whole month just hanging out.

5. Most Improved Player Of The Year

And number five, the biggest reason y'all should go out and buy my album? I stepped my bars up a little bit. For the people that are like, "He ain't talking about nothing," I had to make sure I stepped it up a little bit. I bet some of y'all are gonna say, "D*mn, I know he stepped it up a little bit." Guaranteed.

You Decide. Will you buy Flockaveli?