Diggy Simmons Lists His Top 3 MC's, Picks Jay-Z Over Nas

Hip-hop tyke Diggy Simmons has counted the top rappers that inspired him to rhyme; and despite gaining a buzz off his "Made You Look" freestyle, Nas was not listed.
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In his top three, Diggy named rap mogul Jay-Z as one of his favorites.

"Jay-Z has inspired me big time. Reasonable Doubt is one of my favorite Jay albums of all time." Diggy's pick-"Dead Presidents." "I'm a big fan of Kanye West. He's really innovative in the stuff that he does." Diggy's pick- "I Wonder." "Lupe [Fiasco] is probably my favorite rapper of all time. He's a person I look to and the reason why I am the way I am, lyrically." Diggy's pick - "Little Weapon." (VIBE)

Simmons' "Made You Look" freestyle hit the airwaves last spring.

People may be familiar with Diggy Simmons as Reverend Run's second-oldest son on the show "Run's House." But Diggy has been steadily building a name for himself as an MC -- and somewhat of a young fashionista -- thanks in large part to his blog and his mixtape, First Flight. And anyone who was still unfamiliar with Diggy took notice when he released a video of himself freestyling over Nas' "Made You Look" throughout the streets of New York. (MTV)

As of late, Diggy released a new mixtape and has performed at New York City concert venues with established artists like Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz.

The Famous Factory and Sickamore, in association with XXL magazine, are proud to present the latest installment of The Famous Factory Show next Friday (September 24) in Brooklyn, New York, featuring Joell Ortiz and Diggy Simmons. The Brooklyn native Ortiz will be performing in front of a live audience fresh off the release of his EP, Farewell Summer. Diggy, too, recently dropped a project, Airborne, which was the young spitter's second mixtape. Rugz D. Bewler, Che Grand, Smokess and Slim E. will also hit the stage during the event, which will be held at the Public Assembly in Williamsburg. (XXL Mag)

The 15 year-old recently shared his thoughts on the emergence of young superstars.

"I am happy to be a part of this. I think that this is the most beautiful thing. Justin Beiber being my homey for a year and a half now. To watch him blow up and his progression is great. I've just met Jaden Smith a few weeks ago. He is a real cool kid, very talented. And Willow, you might see something from us coming out. It's great man. My homey Lil' Twist is doing his thing. There are some young artists on the come up at Def Jamdoing their thing. And it's not like we're all good enough for our age. I feel that all of us that are making a name for ourselves are as good as anybody; we can hold our own." (All Hip Hop)