Drag-On Escapes Botched Robbery, "When I See You, It's A Wrap Son!" [Video]

Ruff Ryders' Drag-On has revealed being involved in a failed robbery and vowed to seek revenge against the criminals.
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Via online video, Drag detailed what took place during the robbery attempt.

"I just came from the motherf*cking store trying to cop a dutch, b*tch a** n*ggas trying to rob me and all that," Drag said in a self-recorded video. "See the little bullsh*t a** chain, see my watch, my ring. N*ggas ain't get nothing though! You see the little bullsh*t scratch, here and there, and all of that though. N*ggas tried to rob me but they ain't get sh*t! Straight up and down. Soon as a n*gga step right up, boop, bop, bop, bop! N*ggas tried to jump on me and all that. N*ggas is p*ssy, straight up dog. One of them n*ggas tried to rob me and all that. Right now. But you know what? You n*ggas ain't get sh*t." (YouTube)

Drag also took the opportunity to taunt the robbers for their inability to take his possessions.

"You p*ssy, n*ggas," Drag added. "And this sh*t is going on YouTube tomorrow. I hope you p*ssy n*ggas see it. N*ggas tried to rob the Drag-Dash. Yeah, what happened? N*ggas ain't get nothing. What!? I still got all my jewelry. You p*ssy, n*ggas. Word up. You couldn't shoot the one-on-one fam? You couldn't shoot the one-on-one no more dog? Come on, dog, I'm dolo you p*ssy n*gga! Word dog, word is bond. When I see you, it's a wrap son! Word, you already know what it is dog. And I'm putting this on YouTube dog. You punk p*ssy n*ggas!" (YouTube)

Earlier this month, rapper Yung Berg admitted to being robbed of a chain from a London artist.

"Nothing has been taken from me that has any real value to me. Unless they take my vocal chords, my ability to make a beat, or hum a melody than I feel like I haven't lost anything. Anything that's materialistic I can get back...I don't even want to talk about that because this shall pass, too. My music is what is going to stick around, and I don't want anything to take the focus off that. As far as anything else, I'm just not going to talk about it because people are going to believe whatever they want. I don't get into the WWF side of things. I'm trying to be like Smokey Robinson with a catalog of hit records. I can't be worried about what goes on Internet sites. That doesn't generate any money for me." (VIBE)

Last January, Drag spoke with SOHH about his plans to launch his own record company.

"I predict my next album to do well," Drag explained to SOHH. "I know I can definitely predict, [this] year, I'm gonna be launching my record label and getting my record label really off this ground, you know what I'm saying? Everybody is loving it right now, my record label is called Hood Environment. I got two artists that are off that so after I drop [my] album right here, I'll be dropping a Hood Environment compilation and all that...Those are my predictions." (SOHH)

Check out Drag-On's video below: