Eminem Checks In With The "Doctor"

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has revealed that he is currently in the studio making new music with Dr. Dre.

While keeping his details minimal, Em said he would likely be rapping to Dre beats.

"I'm in the studio right now, still working," Em revealed in an interview on Thursday (October 28). "I would just say I'm in the studio with Dre right now, I'll just say that. I will just say I'm in the studio with Dre right now. He's in the next room. There's nothing going on right now, but pretty soon he'll play a beat and I might rap to it..." (Shade 45)

Last week, producer Nottz said he was contributing to Dre's long-awaited Detox album.

"We [got] the intro on Detox and a couple of other joints on there," Nottz revealed in an interview. " I really do think it is gonna come out this time. 'm waiting for the joint to drop. Like come on man. You have been recording for years, let's do this. He got records, he got records that will shut people down. Make you don't even want to do records no more. Like, aw man, I'm doing this for no reason. It's dudes like this that makes me want to just quit. But he got some records man, it's crazy." (Hip Hop Wired)

In September, Dre said his project could possibly drop around the winter holiday.

When asked at Wednesday's Beats by Dr. Dre fall presentation when the follow-up to The Chronic 2001 would arrive, the Doc said, "That's a good question. In a perfect world, you know I'm really trying to make Christmas, but we'll see," adding, "Something will definitely be out." The hip-hop pioneer has been recording non-stop. "I'm actually working on it every day." He is making sure to take his time so he doesn't disappoint fans. "I just have to make sure I don't accomplish this word: anticippointment." Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine seemed less confident of the drop date, joking that Christmas may have to move for Dre. "I feel that if it comes down to it, Dre will move Christmas. We support him 1000 percent." (Rap-Up)

Eminem's latest album has remained on the sales charts since the summer.

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem's Recovery moved three spots below Top 5 with 42,600. After 18 months in stores, Slim Shady's latest release has sold 2,861,000 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)