Joe Budden's "Mood" Swings Backward

Slaughterhouse's Joe Budden has decided to keep fans waiting for his upcoming Mood Muzik 4 album by delaying the project's retail release date.

According to Budden, the project will now hit retail stores in early November.

"PSA - The sample free retail version of #MM4 has been pushed back to 11/9 .. @ the release date is still 10/26," he tweeted Sunday (October 3) night.

"@bxbeauty333 the concert is still 10/26 ...." (Joe Budden's Twitter)

A tracklisting for the underground effort was released last month.

Mood Muzik 4: 1. Intro 2. Aftermath 3. Role Reversal 4. Mop Salad Skit 5. Come Along 6. Dessert 4 Thought featuring Styles P, Pusha T and Beanie Sigel 7. Sober Up featuring Crooked I 8. Black Cloud 9. Follow Your Lead featuring Joell Ortiz 10. Is It The Shoes? Skit featuring Killa BH 11. Inception 12. Remember The Titans featuring Fabolous, Lloyd Banks and Royce Da 5'9 13. No Idea 14. Weekend Warrior Skit 15. Welcome to Real Life 16. Inseperable 17. 1000 Faces 18. Stuck in the Moment 19. If All Else Fails (Mood Muzik 4)

A few weeks ago, Budden hinted at what will separate his fourth release in the Mood Muzik series from the rest.

"@toybox i think the best 3 songs on MM4 will be better than the best 3 songs on any other Budden project excluding my debut.," Budden tweeted yesterday (September 8).

"This #MM4 sh*t is a much lighter mood than 2 & 3, very refreshing ..... i'm totally blaming @esther_baxter , lmao"

"u tell her @esther_baxter RT @poppinrose @JoeBudden nah mouse we need that dark depressing sh*t tell esther fall back till mm4 is finshed!" (Joe Budden's Twitter)

The rapper was originally set to release specially marked packages of his underground album on October 26th.

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