Nicki Minaj Gets Caught In Boy/Girl Drama, "I Haven't Spoken [On] A Relationship Since I Came Out" [Video]

Nicki Minaj has explained the concept behind her forthcoming "Right Through Me" music video which is currently in production.

Serving as one of her latest music videos since the "Your Love" visual, Minaj described the importance of her new Pink Friday single.

"The concept of the video is boy-and-girl relationship drama, you know, all of the intimate stuff as well as the fighting as well as the self-reflecting type stuff," says Nicki. "It's basically just a love story told from the perspective of a very hard girl who doesn't want to give in but she has to...The song to me is very, very personal...I haven't spoken about an authentic relationship since I've come out. ... Not everybody is rich, not everyone likes jewelry, not everybody likes playing dress-up, but everyone has been in a relationship at some point in their lives, so when you hear a relationship song, it's like, you react." (Entertainment Weekly)

Last month, the song's producer Drew Money spoke about the single being prematurely leaked online.

"I had no clue 'Right Through Me' was going to leak," said Drew Money. "All I knew about the record was that they were considering it as a single. I went into the studio with Nicki specifically in mind. We've never worked together before but I just knew it would be the right type of record for her...She called me a few days ago and was really excited about the song. Nicki just nailed it, I didn't even have to touch it after she sent it back. It's already playing it on the radio and it hasn't dropped officially. There's only going to be more to come from us." (VIBE)

The record features Minaj speaking to an unnamed lover.

'Right Through Me' is downright glossy pop-rap. The song rides a sample from guitar shredder Joe Satriani with some heavy double-time drums and finds Minaj addressing how her significant other is her favorite for putting up with her guarded personality. (The Boom Box)

In late July, Minaj premiered her "Your Love" music video to the world.

Love is a battlefield in Nicki Minaj's red-hot video for "Your Love," the No. 1 rap song in the country from her debut album, due November 23. In her latest role, the Harajuku Barbie stars as a samurai-in-training, who falls in love with her master while a jealous peer fights for his affection. Will love conquer all? (Rap-Up)

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday is scheduled to drop Tuesday, November 23rd.

Check out Nicki Minaj speaking on the music video down below:

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