Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Release Date Takes A Dark Twist

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj's long-awaited Pink Friday release date has been nixed and it will now face-off against Kanye West's Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
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According to reports, Minaj's debut will arrive in stores a day earlier than originally scheduled.

The debut album from rap's reigning diva will arrive a day early on November 22, has learned. It will go up directly against releases from Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), Akon (Stadium), Jay-Z (The Hits Collection Vol. 1), and Ne-Yo (Libra Scale), all hitting stores on the Monday before Black Friday. Prior to this shift, Minaj had been touting a November 23 release. (Rap-Up)

Last month, the album's single "Right Through Me" leaked on the Internet.

"I had no clue 'Right Through Me' was going to leak," said the song's producer Drew Money. "All I knew about the record was that they were considering it as a single. I went into the studio with Nickispecifically in mind. We've never worked together before but I just knew it would be the right type of record for her...She called me a few days ago and was really excited about the song. Nicki just nailed it, I didn't even have to touch it after she sent it back. It's already playing it on the radio and it hasn't dropped officially. There's only going to be more to come from us." (VIBE)

Minaj recently revealed that her Young Money boss, incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne, found out about her debut title through fan letters received in jail.

"He said that people were writing him in jail saying, 'Oh, we loved Thank Me Later and we can't wait for Pink Friday.' So he said he was looking at the letters like, 'What the h*ll is Pink Friday? Because I didn't even tell him my album name and stuff and he found out in jail because of like, the fans writing him letters. He was like, 'OK Nick, that's the name of your album?' And we were just having a great conversation and I stayed there for like, two hours and then broke out. But thank God he'll be back November 4th." (Hot 97)

A few weeks ago, Kanye West's "Power" producer S1 said he hoped to contribute to Minaj's debut.

"Nicki Minaj, I would love to work with her," S1 told SOHH. "I actually connected with her already through Kanye. Kanye introduced us but, musically, I haven't been able to do anything for her or give anything to her. Hopefully I can make Nicki Minaj's album...When I'm doing joints with specific artists, I'm always doing joints that I wanna do but usually with each individual artist, they have their own vision so I would definitely want to do something that's new because Nicki Minaj, she's very talented. She has the capabilities to do pretty much anything she wants to do lyrically and vocally. So I would really like to do some joints based around her abilities and really, the sky's the limit with her. So I would just want to push the bar, push the envelope and really do some crazy stuff." (SOHH)

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday is now scheduled to be released Monday, November 22nd.

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