Petey Pablo Waves White Flag At Federal Authorities

Southern rapper Petey Pablo will reportedly surrender to federal authorities in relation to being wanted on charges for a gun-related arrest last month.

According to reports, an arrest warrant has been issued to Pablo.

Rapper and Wake County resident Petey Pablo, who was arrested at Raleigh-Durham International Airport last month on gun charges, is now wanted by federal authorities. A federal arrest warrant charges Pablo, whose real name is Moses Barrett III, with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a stolen firearm and trying to take the gun on an airplane. (WRAL News)

Additional reports suggests Pablo will concede to police.

Pablo's representative claims the pistol does not belong to the star and he forgot the firearm was in his bag after taking it from a pal. But a federal judge has now issued an arrest warrant for Pablo after government officials claimed the star was fully aware he was in possession of "a concealed dangerous weapon that was and would have been accessible to him in flight". A spokesperson for Pablo tells the website he was unaware of the warrant but now plans to surrender to authorities early on Wednesday. (Toronto Sun)

Details on the incident hit the Internet around mid-September.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport spokeswoman Mindy Hamlin says 37-year-old Petey Pablo -- whose real name is Moses Barrett III -- was arrested Saturday morning. He is charged with being a felon with a gun and carrying a concealed, stolen weapon. Hamlin says Transportation Security Administration agents found a gun in the rapper's carry-on luggage. (Associated Press)

He later addressed the situation and defended his innocence.

Initially asked if the act was a publicity stunt, the convicted felon who attempted to bring a pistol onto an airplane via a carry-on bag revealed that he simply forgot about the weapon. "[It] looks terrible," admitted the former Jive Records artist who now heads up CMG - Carolina Music Group. "A lot of people were disappointed. Understand, the situation...anybody that knows me knows that I ain't gonna do nothin' stupid," continued Petey. Speaking about his culture, the "Raise Up" hit-maker asserted, "We don't do stupid things." Claiming that he believed the bag was weighted down with the two Apple laptops he frequently travels with, Petey Pablo acknowledged his mistake. "At the same time, I apologize to anybody that I may have let down. Understand, I did something that I thought was right at the time." (Hip Hop DX)