Tony Yayo Analyzes T.I.'s Jail Woes, "[Since] He Got Arrested, It's Making The Violation F*cked Up" [Audio]

G-Unit member Tony Yayo has shed light on rapper T.I.'s recent sentencing to 11 months behind bars for a probation violation which took place last month in Los Angeles.
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Yayo, an ex-convicted felon, explained the seriousness behind Tip's legal woes.

"Man, that's f*cked up," Yayo said about T.I.'s 11-month sentence in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. "Let me tell you something about fed probation. Fed probation, it's kinda easy but it's kinda bad. When I was on fed probation, I had six dirty urines and they gave me the drug program. They gave me the drug program. So they kinda lenient in certain ways, but in other ways, they're not. I think really because he got arrested, it's making the violation f*cked up. It's making it an official violation. See, I was smoking weed -- I never got arrested getting it and my P.O. was just like, 'Yo, if you get more and more, if your levels don't go down, we're gonna violate you.' Him, he got arrested in the Maybach. It's just the police contact, it's a f*cked up situation." (Shade 45)

The "Talk of New York" also predicted Tip would not have to serve the entire sentence.

"It seems like he has a very good lawyer, a very good staff of people behind him," Yayo added. "The way his lawyer was talking now, they're really gonna put the pressure on him. You really can't tell a n*gga what to do but at the end of the day, the way I seen his lawyer talking, on the interview that was online, he was like, 'He's gonna stay out of trouble.' I think he learned his lesson because you just did the same sh*t I did -- this 11 months is f*cked up. It's 11 months you're gone from your family, your friends and you know, your fans. People love T.I...He'll probably do a couple of months in a federal jail in Atlanta instead of shipping him all the way out [to Los Angeles] for 11 months somewhere else." (Shade 45)

While T.I. is slated to begin his sentence within a week, supporters have pleaded with an Atlanta judge to allow him to skip jail.

A mysterious and geography-challenged admirer of Atlanta rapper T.I. has asked the court to place him in rehab instead of sending him back to federal prison, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ. The document is signed "Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia." T.I., aka Clifford J. Harris Jr., does not know who filed the motion, according to TMZ. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Tip's 11-month sentencing was made public around mid-October.

Rapper T.I. had his probation revoked by a federal judge today and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. T.I. was busted last month on felony possession of a controlled substance ... while he was on probation for a 2009 federal gun possession conviction. T.I. told the judge he needed help for drug addiction and begged not to be sent back to prison. We're told one of the officers from Wednesday's jumper incident testified on T.I.'s behalf. He has two weeks to turn himself in. (TMZ)

Check out Tony Yayo speaking on T.I. below: