UPDATE: Atlantic Records Finally Beams "Lasers"

After months of fighting for Atlantic Records to release Lasers, Lupe Fiasco's long-awaited and delayed follow-up to 2007's The Cool now has a release date.
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Atlantic Records plans to issue the album in winter 2011.

In his lone tweet yesterday, Lupe simply stated "Victory!" to go along with a picture of him (sporting a thumps up), and unidentified woman, and an Atlantic Records sign. Atlantic Records later tweeted thatLasers will be released on March 8, 2011. (The Source)

Yesterday, Fiasco posted a Twitter message and photo reading "Victory."

A week before a protest was set to take place outside of Atlantic Records in New York City, Lupe Fiasco and his label appear to be on the mend. The Chicago native tweeted a picture of him and Atlantic executive Julie Greenwald together in front of a giant Atlantic poster, with Lupe giving the thumbs up and wearing a giant grin on his face. (Rap-Up)

Speaking at last weekend's RACC (Regional Academic & Cultural Collaborative) in Florida, Lupe detailed his problems with Atlantic.

Lupe said Atlantic wanted him to sign a contract that would give them 25% of anything he makes from shows or deals with other companies like Nike or whatever. (Sean's note: That's a 360 deal) He told them NO so they threatened him by not pushing any of his new songs on the radio or giving him money to make the videos (the I'm Beamin' video came out of his own pocket). Also they basically don't like his music or the way Lupe put it 'They think I'm whack'. So Atlantic sent him hooks they wanted him to do. He recorded them and sent them back but they didn't like them anymore and tried to have him change the hooks like 60 different times. In the end he had enough. (The LupE.N.D.)

Recently, Lupe explained what actions he resorted as a response to the label's treatment of his project.

"It's like Lasers, that's one album that got disrupted in the business process. It's a great album, but that album may not come out. But here's Food and Liquor II. So what's going to make you happy? What's truly going to make the people happy? I'm giving you another album. I'm already past it. I'm not sitting around, 'Oh man, I want Lasers. Why don't they put out my songs?' Crying. For what? You go in and put out another record. And that's what I did." (Complex)