Video: Man Punches Cop In The Face Unprovoked. Then Bites Officer's K-9 When It Attacks Him "K-9 Onyx Yelped Out & Screamed"

This story may not sound believable, but in fact it is 100% true.

23-year old Roderick Lewis of West Haven, Connecticut, approached police officer Scott Bloom and yelled out, "I need a bag of dust," referring to PCP.

Bloom noticed Lewis fumbling around with his waistband and told him to stop.

That's when Lewis snuffed Bloom in the face. Bloom's K-9, Onyx jumped from the patrol car and started biting Lewis' leg.

Lewis then started biting the dog back.

"Officer Bloom disengaged to allow the K-9 to do his job," said a police spokesman. "While officer Bloom had disengaged from him, he noticed the gentleman, Roderick, actually bite down on K-9 Onyx's leg. Whereas K-9 Onyx yelped out and screamed."