Black. Mafia. Family. - Interviewed Big Meech Talks, Murder, Music and Money

In the second part of's feature on convicted, incarcerated drug boss Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory goes deep into the annals of street history. Flenory, who is serving a 25-year sentence in Georgia, reveals the origins of B.M.F., a drug gang accused of selling tons of kilos of cocaine and laundering over $270 million dollars in proceeds.

In Part 2, Meech explains a variety of incidents, including the murder of Sean "Diddy" Combs' childhood friend/bodyguard Anthony "Wolf" Jones. Wolf was so tight with Combs that he was a co-defendant in Combs' high profile trial over a 1999 shootout involving J.Lo and Shyne. According to Big Meech, he was not involved in those murders, or the litany of drug charges he plead guilty to.

Big Meech explains Wolf's murder, his relationship Diddy, as well as his brother, mother and father and his penchant to engage cops in high speed chases during traffic stops.

Big Meech is currently hoping to have his appeal heard in front of The Supreme Court in Michigan. In addition to the massive amounts of cocaine they say you trafficked, the amount of cash was mind blowing. How was it all transported to the clubs without any major violence? I saw you guys blow at least $100,000 in one night in Atlanta.

Big Meech: What I'm saying is, everybody is happy. everybody is making money. I been around a place like Atlanta for a long time. I lived there since the 1990, been there since 1988. I didn't have the problems other people had I been through a lot of things. Almost 90 percent of the cities I touched down in, I had nothing but love. So it was never no problems. And we don't do no robbing, we just never had no problems. When you got a crew that's hungry, they might turn on you. You have a business acumen about yourself that's a lot different. Where does your CEO mentality come from.

Big Meech: That's what I was before I left the streets, I was CEO of BMF, the label. I know that, but I'm saying you ended up at the top, you were in a leadership role, some people are followers.

Big Meech: It always been a dream of mine, I always had a love for music growing up. Being able to bring all these brothers together and do something positive with it and not be known as some drug gang or gang members period. That's why I consider all family. We never was a gang. All my friends were involved [in the music business], like Puff, JD, Jeezy, Slim Thug, Nelly. These people were involved in music and it made me want to be more hands on. I seen how a lot of artists was getting jerked at the time and still are today and that's something I was going to change, once I got my foot all through the door. But the government seen me with my foot almost closing the door and they end up giving me these trumped up charges. The advertisements you had popping off in Atlanta for years -

Big Meech: Yeah I had four of them. Do you think the ads help escalate the government pursuing you guys?

Big Meech: It probably did from a prosecutor or an agents point of view, because we had these billboards up. But remember, I got shot in the ass and two people got killed. And they accused me of being a double murderer. In the paper they had me labeled as a double murderer. I'm trying to be in entertainment, so I'm trying to clear my name and market and promote my entertainment. It aint like it was 1.800-buy drugs on the sign. I had a magazine and a record company at the time. Speaking of the double homicide, you mention you were an associate of Puff. How did the double murders of Wolf and Lamont Girdy impact your relationship, not only with Puff, but withy Jeezy, who was signed to Bad Boy at the time with Boyz N Tha Hood? (Editors note: Puff's longtime bodyguard Anthony "Wolf" Jones and a man named Lamont Girdy were killed in a parking lot shootout with member of BMF in 2003).

Big Meech: Ahhh I mean, at the end of the day, I done had the best time of my life with Puff. That was his childhood friend growing up. I am sure that it put a damper on our relationship, at the that time. I think more so after the word got out it kind of cleared me from it. I got love for the dude, and I am sure he got love for me any time he is on the stage screaming 'he think's he's Big Meech' any time he is on the stage with Rick Ross. We just weren't right there with each other like we used to be before it happened. I was on house arrest, a lot was being said at the time and it just didn't look good. What about Jacob the Jeweler. He was caught doctoring tax documents and was eventually sentenced to two years for helping BMF launder money. You guys still talk?

Big Meech: I haven't spoken with Jacob since all this happened. I have no problem with Jacob, I don't think he has a problem with me. Jewelers take cash all the time from - I won't say drug dealers - but people from the streets. Just so happens because we were under the camera being surveillance. He got caught up over stuff he and my brother did. And the one lame ass dude who was married to Kim Kardashian - Damon Thomas. He was gonna be a witness against Jacob and my brother. Why you call him lame?

Big Meech: I don't know the man but he was ready to rat. He was willing to cooperate. My brother would give him the money and pay him a little extra to give it to Jacob. That was how they did their business. Like I said, there's a lot I got caught in because we are brothers. You don't see T on none of the BMF DVD's, because he had nothing to do with it. With your case, the government said you had multiple aliases throughout the years. How did you operate with 20 different identities? Did you have to fool everyone, women anything?

Big Meech: I never fooled nobody. Everybody knew who I was. It was just for flying through the airport, drivers license purposes. I haven't' had a license since 88. How could I fool somebody when I put myself out there like that as flamboyant as I am. That's true.

Big Meech: It was just for driving purposes in case I get stopped, if I stop. In most cars, if I am in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, I'm not even stopping for the police. So you are going to keep going?

Big Meech: Of course, I like to drive fast and play. I'm from the Motor City [Detroit] originally. How many times have you done that?

Big Meech: So many times I can't even count on both hands. You actually just rolled out on the cops?

Big Meech: Man smash out. I might look up at them crazy and just smash. They can't tell the difference between a Ferrari or a Lambo, so they couldn't say what it is. And once you get it up to 150-160, I done tried to push it to 200 mph so many times. Any time I'm in something like that. When I am in the Rolls I just chilled. What do you miss the most since you've been locked up?

Big Meech: I miss my freedom, being able to help people and being able to raise my son. Just the freedom of being hands on to raise my boy. How old is your son?

Big Meech: He's 10 now, he was five when I left the street. How is your family? I know your pops got caught up in the drug sweep.

Big Meech: He's home, he just got off supervised release, so he's good. He's got
diabetes but he's doing alright. They just miss us. Nice. I heard you are working on a ringtone?

Big Meech: Yeah with Myxer. They came up with the idea of doing the ringtone. I put a couple out there and they like them. it should be available soon. How do you make money? Are you allowed to keep the proceeds since you are serving time? Most of the time you can't make money off your crime or benefit from criminal activities.

Big Meech: That goes to the person I gave my life rights to and the person I gave power of attorney to. Why did you call the organization Black Mafia Family?

Big Meech: That's one name, which is why we use the initials. It could stand for Blowing Money Fast, Big Meech's Family or Big Meech Flenory, that's why we used the initial. As far as the Black Mafia thing, it's just that we are all from somewhere else. And being as organized as we are, we called it Black Mafia Family. Nothing crazy, but I guess when Black folks get together like that, the government couldn't take it.