Diddy Becomes A Comedian For One Night At New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Besides being a businessman and rapper, Diddy is also a comedian, or at least he was for one night.

The Bad Boy CEO took the stage last night at New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for his first and probably only comedy routine.

Comedian and UCB regular Chris Gethard somehow managed to convince Diddy to do the show by basically being a persistent pain in the ass.

Gethard made youtube videos, started a 13 month twitter campaign, and even tracked Diddy down face to face when the star appeared on Saturday Night Live.

I think it was just his persistence,” Diddy told the New York Times backstage. Explaining why he finally gave in to Mr. Gethard. “I was like, who’s this guy? But I felt his energy and his spirit. I’m supposed to be at the Golden Globes right now, but I’ll just go there a little bit later.

Diddy admitted to being initially confused by the twitter campaign, which consisted of people constantly tweeting #diddygethard -- a combination of both their last names that spells out diddy get hard.

"I couldn’t understand it," Diddy told Rolling Stone about the tweets being directed his way. “The way I was pronouncing it... I didn’t know if it was a sexual thing. I kept seeing it retweeted. And I was like, What the f***?"

It turned out to be a fun night for everyone involved.

Diddy, who brought his son Justin along with him, participated in a few improv skits then jetted off into the New York night.