The End: Despite Making Amends With Former Bandmate Pras Recently, Wyclef Jean Says "The Fugees Are Not Meant To Be"

Creative differences have broken up some of the best bands in music history.

The Beatles, Van Halen, Rage Against The Machine, The Clash, The Police, Cream, Soundgarden and Guns-N-Roses to name a few.

While some bands move forward with new members or reform years later. The spark that made them great in the first place is almost never there again.

Add The Fugees to that list, and this time it really does look like it's for good.

The trio of Wyclef Jean, Pras and Lauryn Hill have ego that won't allow them to work together.

There were rumors of a Wyclef and Lauryn romance during the group's early years. Who knows what role that could have played in bringing the group down.

The group released two albums. 'Blunted On Reality' in 1994 then 'The Score' in 1996.

Bono of U2 called the band the hip hop version of The Beatles.

'The Score' became a huge hit, selling over 15 million copies worldwide. But then right at the peak of their popularity the group broke up in 1997.

They all pursued solo careers, then reunited briefly in 2004 at Dave Chappelle's Block Party in Brooklyn, then went their own ways again.

Pras and Wyclef didn't speak to each other for five years, until recently finding themselves on the same flight to their native country of Haiti.

The two took the opportunity to mend their friendship.

"I saw Pras on the flight and as a Fugees member I didn't know whether to elbow him, shoot him or give him a kiss and we gave a hug," Wyclef told Starpulse. "When it comes to Lauryn and Pras, it's my childhood, they always bring me to that place.

"At the end of the day Pras is my brother and Lauryn is my sister, despite what the media say. The Fugees are not meant to be. We're rock stars from a locked group. You're going to have egos and differences but at the end of the day I love them both very much."