News: Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Hook-Up [Video]

Video vixen Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa are the latest urban duo rumored to be more than friends after being spotted together last week in Los Angeles.

Although neither artist has confirmed the speculation, both have invested ample time with one another over the past few weeks.

It looks like Amber Rose is quite popular amongst hip-hop's top rappers. Spotted over at Karen Civil, a video of Amber walking down the Los Angeles streets with Wiz Khalifa and it raises the question: Are these two more than friends? Amber has been linked to rappers Fabolous and Kanye West, so getting up with Wiz wouldn't be a shocker. However, these two have been in touch for a while now--when Wiz was shooting his "Black and Yellow" remix video, Amber was hanging out with him. She even tweeted they may be working together. (Dr Jays)

Wiz and Rose have also recently been showing off their friendship via Twitter.

"me n @darealamberrose r too cool for school so we skipped. smell ya later!," Wiz tweeted December 23rd. (Wiz Khalifa's Twitter)

"Me & Lil Bro @RealWizkhalifa He MIGHT be one of the Faces for my Store! He's Such a Hippie and Super Cool! ;-)," Rose tweeted December 23rd. (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Last week, rapper Fabolous talked about recruiting Rose for his "You Be Killin' 'Em" music video.

"We got a lot of great response and recognition from the 'You Be Killin' Em' video," Fab said in an interview. "The little spice of hate and speculation, I choose to really exist above that noise. That stuff, you can't do nothing about [it], and it's always gonna be there. I tried to bring a great visual to the video world, not just bring the same scenario...[Rose] embodied the style and grace of complimenting somebody, 'You be killin' 'em.' I think she did an outstanding job as the lead lady in the video. I did OK as well. I think together we made a good duo." (MTV)

Despite avoiding the gossip, Fab and Rose were rumored to be dating over the past few months.

We have a feeling Kanye West's ex, bald beauty Amber Rose, won't be too jealous of Melody Thornton, despite Rose's breakup with Kanye this summer. After a rumored summer fling with New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush, the model found another trophy fish in the hip-hop gene pool: rapper Fabolous. Rose and Fab haven't advertised their romance, either, but one nightlife-loving source spied the duo at Juliet Supper Club in Chelsea on Monday morning. They arrived together at 1 a.m. with two other friends, but left separately: Rose at around 3 a.m., Fab shortly before 4. (New York Daily News)