Omarion Places Bisexual Buzz In An Icebox

R&B singer Omarion has stepped forward to address speculation surrounding his sexual orientation after an alleged press release stated that he is bisexual.

Via Twitter, Omarion denied the "bisexual" rumors.

"Check it out 'I DID NOT RELEASE THAT STATEMENT',whatever you like is your business but I AINT GAY OR BISEXUAL,I love women PERIOD!!!!!!!," he tweeted January 8th. (Omarion's Twitter)

The singer's public relations team also dispelled the gossip.

"The previously released statement regarding Omarion is false and was generated for negative publicity by an unknown person. Omarion will not contribute to anything negative said or done against him. Omarion respects all of his fans, no matter religion, sexuality, or race. The Purple Agency (TPA) is his agency of record. No statement should be cited, confirmed or released on behalf of Omarion unless it comes from TPA. Please note Omarion is away in Japan working and is totally unaware of the previous statement/press release. Regards, The Purple Agency" (VIBE)

Speculation over O's sexual preference arose early into the weekend.

Several blogs have been publishing a statement they purport to have been released by Omarion, in which he says "I am not at all what certain ex-band members are trying to paint me as, I am however a respectable, mature, proud, bisexual man." Supposedly this statement is in response to Raz-B saying something derogatory about him. I think it's very clear now that Omarion is extremely heterosexual, something which was never really in doubt regardless of Raz-B's nonsense. (CMR News)

Last year, Young Money's Nicki Minaj offered her thoughts on gays and hip-hop.

"Obviously, the majority of the men in hip-hop don't want you to think they're gay. That's just the reality of it," Minaj says. "I'm a woman, so I have a lot more flexibility. And I don't lose credibility in any way if I say I think girls are dope and sexy...Normally, [Lil] Wayne probably wouldn't have gay guys coming to see his shows much, but they're definitely a big part of my movement, and I hope they'd still come out and see me...I think that will be really, really interesting, just to start bridging that gap. We'll see." (Out)