Styles P Screams Conspiracy Over Massive Fish & Bird Deaths, "They Do Things To See How People React"

With this week's bizarre reports of massive amounts of birds and fish mysteriously dying, The LOX's Styles P has weighed in and revealed a conspiracy theory.

Styles initially compared the deaths to hip-hop's unknown future.

"With all the fish and the birds and sh*t like that, you don't really hear or see about no sh*t from too many rappers," Styles said in an interview. "Who the f*ck even knows where the earth is gon' be in a few years to even say where hip-hop is gon' be? The bird and fish thing is kinda bugged out so I know it's kinda weird to throw in an interview but my take on it is if everybody don't wake up and pay attention, besides rap, everything is gon' be f*cked up." (VIBE)

The rapper also said the massive deaths may be experimental.

"You wanna know my theory on it? I think that's just a test. What you think is gon' be after the birds and the fish? People," Styles added. "I think they do things to see how people react to it and how they stand up to it and stand down to it and what they say about it. I think it's too many people in the world and rich people don't like that so they're trying to figure out how to make less people in the world. They just want to depopulate. That's my personal opinion. Start off experimenting on animals." (VIBE)

Over the past week, millions of dead animals have turned up along the Eastern part of the United States.

Millions more dead fish have turned up in Maryland following fish and bird deaths in Arkansas.? Reports of dead animals have been flooding the Internet since New Year's Eve when 5,000 blackbirds fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. The very next day about 100,000 dead drum fish washed up along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River.? Now, CNN reports that officials are looking into the deaths of an estimated 2 million juvenile spot fish in Chesapeake Bay. According to authorities, tests found that the area had acceptable water quality.?? (S2S Magazine)

Explanations on the freak occurrences have also been given.

In Arkansas, state and federal biologists believe sleeping birds likely heard a loud boom in the night and freaked out. In Louisiana, low-oxygen ocean water regularly creeps into the higher-oxygen bayou and suffocates fish and crustaceans. Maryland wildlife biologists are still investigating the deaths of 2 million spot and some croakers, also known as drum fish. But they have a theory: These fish are particularly vulnerable to cold and were killed when water temperatures dropped suddenly and sharply in late December. Most of the dead ones were juveniles. (Washington Post)