Tiny Addresses Disappearing T.I. Hand Trick, "They Just Couldn't See It" [Audio]

Incarcerated rapper T.I.'s wife, Tiny Cottle, has stepped forward to deny allegations claiming she acted inappropriately and had the "King of the South" punished for sexual activity during a recent visit.

While brief with her response, Tiny denied using her hand on T.I.'s lower body at an early January visit in Arkansas.

"What y'all saying over there," Tiny asked in a radio interview referring to the rumors involving sexual misconduct with T.I. "Oh, don't you say that. No. That's not what happened. It was just, it was just, they [the prison guards] just could't see it. [laughs]" (Hip Hop Stan)

Last week, reports hit the Internet claiming Tiny and T.I. got in trouble during their prison visit two weekends ago.

Rapper T.I. got in some serious trouble with prison officials this weekend -- after guards caught the most famous inmate in Arkansas getting "frisky" with his wife during visiting hours ... TMZ has learned. T.I.'s wife Tiny confirms ... the two were in a room together during regular visiting hours at Arkansas State Prison when Tiny made like Michael Jackson ... and 'beat it'. Tiny says she hasn't spoken to T.I. since the incident -- but she's hopeful she'll be allowed to visit again soon ... as long as she keeps her hand to herself. (TMZ)

The incident reportedly resulted in T.I. being placed under stricter security measures.

According to state prison guidelines, inmates are allowed to kiss and embrace at the beginning and at the end of a visit as well as hold hands in there. However, "the inmate's hands must remain in plain view of staff at all times." Same goes for the visitors. In his pants doesn't cut it apparently. Tiny confirms that as a result of this stroke of bad luck, T.I. was sent to a "Special Housing Unit" consisting of more security and less freedom. (The Hollywood Gossip)

Prior to the speculation and reports, Tiny spoke on her relationship with T.I.

"I'm down for him," Tiny said in an interview. "You have to know this person would do the same for you. Being down [for T.I.] is the easiest thing to do. He makes it so easy. He sets it out so great and perfect for me. He's like 'You ain't got to work, you ain't got to do this or that.' Just be with me. And we enjoy each other. It's not hard to stay down. The least I can do is give back, and make sure I'm 100 percent and a strong woman." (VIBE)

Check out Tiny speaking on the incident below: