Uncle Luke As Mayor of Freaking M.I.A

Rap veteran Uncle Luke has announced his intention to put on for his city by possibly running for the mayor of Miami this spring.

According to a Miami New Times column he penned this week, Luke is serious about making positive changes by running for office.

"If Carlos Alvarez gets recalled, I will seriously think about running for Miami-Dade County mayor," . "And should I win, I would make everyday I am in office a reality show. Everyday, Miami-Dade residents will have transparency in the mayor's office...I've been a successful businessman in this community for years. I was born and raised in Miami-Dade. No one can question the love I have for my home county." (Miami New Times)

The hip-hop legend also stressed the importance of reforming school.

"I have a plan for the schools. We need to have three types of them: one for kids who plan to attend college, one for those who don't, and a third for the knuckleheads. A big reason F-schools exist is that you have a lot of knuckleheads bringing good students down. These are realistic goals. If our leaders don't see fit to implement them, then I'll be forced to run for mayor myself." (Miami New Times)

The run for mayor would take place if Miami's current mayor is removed.

The recall for Mayor Alvarez has been set for March 15. There have been efforts to recall Alvarez since December 2009, but there were initially not enough signatures necessary. The possibilities of a recall gained steam again this past September when county commissioners passed a budget that raised property taxes and increased the salaries of county employees. (XXL Mag)

Renowned in the South, he is also recognized for his achievements with rap group 2 Live Crew.

Campbell formed the Miami-based quartet in 1987 and they were the centerpiece of a national campaign against allegedly obscene lyrics. He was embroiled in a volatile trial pitting him against then-Florida attorney general Jack Thompson. Campbell later became a solo artist, issuing his own discs as Luke Featuring 2 Live Crew. (All Music)