[Video] Gudda Gudda Of Young Money Gets His Chain Snatched During Concert In Minnesota

I heard about this incident from Mikey T The Movie Star yesterday, but didn't want to report it until I saw visuals of the incident.

Gudda Gudda of Young Money was the victim of a chain snatching incident during a concert in Minnesota Friday night (January 14)

During a performance of "Bedrock", Gudda leaned down over the crowd while spitting his verse. At that time, a dude reaches up and snatches his YM chain.

Both Gudda and Mack Maine gave chase, but the guy was nabbed by club security.

The would be robber wasted his time anyway, as he only got a few links of the chain and not the whole thing.

The action starts at around the 4:56 mark

Props to Mikey T for the heads up.