[Video] J Cole Recalls Making A Beat For Fallen Star Aaliyah "I Had Such A Crush On Aaliyah, That Was My Way Of Paying Respect"

Roc Nation
rapper was a huge fan of singer/actress Aaliyah when he was younger. He recalls being so devastated by her death that he wanted to make a beat in her honor.

"I had such a crush on Aaliyah... It was like a little boy crush but it was a true crush." he says. "And when she died I remember I called my mentor up like, 'Yo you think it would be corny if I made a beat and I called it Aaliyah?' That was my way of paying respect in my own little world."

Aaliyah died at age 22 in a plane crash August 25, 2001, but thanks to her great music and fans like J Cole she will never be forgotten.