[Video] Lil B Explains Controversial Kanye West Tweet & Denies He's Gay "I Can Wear The Tiniest Pink Shirt, But I'm Not Gay"

If you haven't heard of Lil B by now, chances are you don't go on the internet much.

If you have heard of him, the phrases, "Thank You Based God", "F*ck My Mom Based God" or "F*ck My B*tch Based God" should be familiar to you.

Those words regularly flow out of the mouths of B's growing legion of fans nationwide.

All of this weird talk, and B's own strange antics have led to rumors about him. The one most often associated with B is that he is gay, and it's mostly because of a tweet he sent to Kanye West back in October threatening to take his manhood.

Vlad TV caught up with the based god to once and for all clear this rumor up one way or another.

"As much as I play around... I could wear the tiniest pink shirt, I could have a hard hat on with the tiny pants going 'YMCA', but I'm not gay." B says. "Trust me I like having sex with no condoms with women. I respect the gay community, you can do whatever you want it's no problem because it's all about pushing love and positivity. And if you're a gay man that's more girls for me. You can take the guy butt and I'll take the girl butt."

As far as the word "based", B eplained to MTV's RapFix it means just being yourself.

"Well, based really is being yourself, being positive, not really worrying too much about what people think about you. Really saying what comes to your mind first," he said. "It's like unconscious. Really not premeditating, saying, 'Imma do this, I'mma say this, I'mma be this way,' but really just going with the flow."