Wale Goes In On Rosa Acosta Via Twitter

Rapper Wale got into it with model Rosa Acosta on Twitter over the weekend. Acosta reportedly criticized Wale's performance at a recent show and the D.C. rapper got a bit sensitive about her critique.

"Rosa you owe me 15%, I made you hot my n*gga...Don't submit your opinion to the public," Wale tweeted. "Your talent doesn't require a voice. We listen to real women in 2011, not industry slides...If your talent is your areola...you don't deserve an opinion."

"@RosaAcosta how bout I couldn't move..do u have any fans, or a bunch of n*ggas that wanna f*ck u following u?," he continued. "If ur talent is ur areola....then u don't deserve an opinion. Shoutout my sisters w/ that ambition n drive 1st. #salute"

"I will only get into a twitter beef with you if you have 2 million + followers so zzzzzz," she tweeted back. "On a real note for somebody that supposedly got "bars" those tweets were real wack and sensitive."