Red Cafe x Rick Ross x Ryan Leslie – ‘Fly Together’ (Behind The Scenes)

MTV was on set of Red Cafe’s video shoot for the new single with Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross in Los Angeles. The visual is being directed by Colin Tilley and here’s what Mr. Shakedown had to say:

“Oh, man, this set is crazy. Shout-out to Colin Tilley. He’s amazing as well, and his vision just came to life here on this set. [He] got me up here like I’m Evel Knievel or something on this. You know, I was very nervous up there. The treatment is really just kinda celebrating women, showcasing their independence and they could be your equal, and that’s something that I recognize in a lot of women and I just wanted to bring that to life, visually,” RC said. “So it’s really just showcasing that a woman can be independent and she could have her own thing going on.”

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