20 Year Old Harlem Rapper Azealia Banks Signs To Universal

The latest New York rapper with an online buzz has inked a major label deal. It was announced today that Harlem bred Azealia Banks has signed with Universal.

“I am now officially signed to Universal Music,” the rapper/singer tweeted Yesterday (January 18). “Wow I just wanna drink a million bottles of champagne and do a million bell kicks right now.”

The rapstress has gained most of her notoriety for the song “212” and its video, which was uploaded to YouTube in September and has 2.5 million views. Hype surrounding her name continued to bubble when Kanye West tweeted about her last month, claming the 20-year-old would be “the future of music.”

Banks had previously been signed to XL Recordings, based in the U.K., where she has had her greatest success Billboard chart-wise, but parted ways with the label without releasing an album.

Her excitement on Twitter following the announcement persisted. “Lol, my mom says first thing I have to buy her with my money is this Sean John comforter set she’s been eyeing at Macy’s. Classic,” she wrote.

The femcee also hinted that she hopes to release an album in either May or June.