Big Changes for Drake: Rapper Selling Exotic Miami Condos

Young Money's Drake is reportedly looking to cash-in on a couple of Miami beach condos, which appeared in his "I'm On One" music video, for a combined price of nearly $3 million.

According to reports, the two condos have vastly different sales prices.

Drake is trying to unload 2 massive luxury beach condos he owns in Miami, TMZ has learned -- and you might recognize them ... because they're featured in the rapper's music video for "I'm on One." Drake put the properties up for sale last week -- located right nextdoor to each other in Miami's ritzy Marquis highrise -- listing one for $1.9 million and the other for $599,000. Drake combined the two into one MASSIVE condo, and lived in both simultaneously. The larger one is a sprawling 3,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The "smaller" one-bedroom condo is still gigantic ... at 1,675 square feet.

Drizzy has reportedly owned the two spots for barely a year.

Drake purchased the properties together in January 2011 for a combined price of $1.903 million. So, if Drake gets his asking price ... he'll make $596,000 in profit (even though no one ever gets their asking price). But still, it's pretty awesome -- considering all the other famous people who've been forced to sell their real estate at massive losses ... including Beyonce, Terrell Owens and Chris Tucker.

Last year, New York rapper Fat Joe defended his decision to move out to Miami.

"Well, me, it was all about unity to me," Fat Joe said about making a name for himself in Miami, Florida. "But yeah, you got guys, I caught a major backlash back home because, you know, they're like, 'This guy's like one of the Mount Rushmore faces of New York and he just went out there and started rocking with all them and all that.' But with me -- I don't care where you're from, whether you're from Miami, L.A., overseas. If you're talented and like my man says, if you got that good vibe, I'm rocking with you."

In 2010, Joey Crack made headlines for putting his Florida mansion up for sale.

Rapper Fat Joe is selling his Plantation, Fla., home for $1,999,000, which could be considered a deal when compared to neighboring houses for sale, and by how much he dropped the price about eight months ago. His house at 1203 NW 121st Ave. was priced at $2,399,000 in October 2009, but in December 2009 the price dropped $400,000, or 16.7 percent, to the price it remains today.

Check out the "I'm On One" music video below: