Birdman & Lil Wayne Adding a Collaborative Album To The List Of YMCMB Releases For 2012

Cash Money Records CEO Birdman has stayed mum on plans to drop a collaborative effort alongside Lil Wayne but has now raised eyebrows by tweeting the shelved album's title over the weekend.

Although brief with his tweet, Birdman alerted 600,000-plus Twitter followers of the LP's existence.

"Birdman GTVodka No Hangover NoRegrets Neva Ends. Kmin in Feb.," he tweeted January 14th.

"LikeFather LikeSon 2 Tha Last MOB.YMCMB" (Birdman's Twitter)

In April, Birdman promised to put out the joint LP before 2012.

Once "The Carter IV" is wrapped, Birdman says he and Wayne plan to proceed on a sequel to their 2006 collaboration "Like Father, Like Son." "We're looking to do that in December some time, after we all drop our solos albums and go on tour," he says. "We have a lot of songs we did before (Wayne) went (to jail), and we've been working since he came home. All we've got to do is pick. And Wayne likes to be fresh with our music, so we might wait... and just knock out 20 songs right quick and put those on the album."

In March, Weezy revealed he still had plans to work on a separate joint project but said his Birdman duet LP was a priority.

"I've had ideas to do an album with T-Pain. We've got the T-Wayne situation going, so Drake's a very respectable dude. He's like, 'I don't want to disrespect none of those situations, so I'm just going to wait 'til you have a real good moment to focus on you and I doing an album.' ... And then you know my obligations to the Like Father, Like Son albums with [Birdman aka] Stunna. It's like no disrespect to those. I don't want to clash with nothing."

A couple years ago, Birdman said the initial plan was to drop their duet effort for Father's Day 2010.

"[Drake and Wayne's album] is very possible. Because Wayne works a lot and Drake is out there with us too. They're gonna do a lot of recording together so I don't see why not. And I have a solo album coming out at the top of the year called Bigger Than Life. Then we have a Father Like Son album that we'll drop around Father's Day. But I'm more into them. I want to see our artists be as successful as possible. They're young. The bigger they are, the bigger we are. That's my whole motivation now."