Lil Wayne Lives To "Respect Few, Fear None" With His New Clothing Line "Trukfit"

More details continue to emerge behind rap star Lil Wayne's Trukfit clothing line as new reports clalm the skateboarding-based brand's logo is "Respect Few, Fear None."

Weezy was spotted rocking a pink Trukfit tee shirt at his clothing line launch party this week in New York City.

Thursday night (Jan. 12), the 'John' rapper threw a party for his new clothing line, held at El Privado inside Hotel Americano in New York City. was witness to the festivities and those in attendance, including models wearing silver face paint and wearing Wayne's Trukfit gear. The rap star showed up to the event, snapped photos and showed off his appreciation for his brand by wearing one of the T-shirts. He chose to sport a pink one decorated with a fitted hat-wearing man holding a skateboard. Wayne's tagline for the brand is "Respect Few, Fear None." The Trukfit name was inspired by his youth. (The Boom Box)

Yesterday, the meaning behind Trukfit was finally explained.

I know I'm not the only one wondering where the name for Weezy's new clothing line came from. At first I kind of thought he might have took the name from an actual part of a skateboard. The metal parts that connects the wheels to the board are called "trucks." I was way off, though. At the Zumiez launch for the line, Weezy explained that in Nawlins bootlegs clothes sold from the back of someone's automobile are dubbed "Truckfits." The YM boss wanted to flip the script and give the word new meaning. (Miss Info TV)

Over the weekend, Weezy promised Trukfit would dominate its competition.

"I do want to say that some things passed this weekend like the Agenda party was this weekend, my line got viewed there," Wayne said in reference to the clothing-based Agenda Trade Show. "[It's] my new line, Trukfit, in case you don't know about Trukfit. Look it up. T-r-u-k-f-i-t. That's my new clothing line. Trukfit, Truk the world. You'll hear about it because it'll be the best clothing line ever in the whole entire [world]." (Weezy's Sports Corner)

Details on Trukfit began circulating online around mid-December.

Trukfit, the new clothing brand from Grammy Award winning, platinum selling hip hop icon LIL WAYNE, will debut at Agenda in January 2012. The highly anticipated line of uniquely designed apparel was inspired by Lil Wayne's passion for skateboarding and quality street wear. Pulling influence from Lil Wayne's distinctive style and voice, Trukfit is made from quality fabrics and features bold graphics at a moderate price point. (Agenda Show)