Nicki Minaj Maybe Getting Her Own Fashion Line

It looks like dear old Nicki may be bringing her unique fashion sense to a store near you! The Hip-Hop diva, who is known for her out of this world style – including once wearing a dress made of stuffed animals - is in negotiations with a fashion house to design her own designer duds.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Nicki’s manager, Cortez Bryant revealed that he is in talks with several fashion houses so Nicki can “sell her own line of clothes.” I guess that’s why Nicki was sitting front row at numerous fashion shows during Fashion Week in NYC. It all makes sense now!

Her management has been setting Nicki up for her own clothing line all along. In the past year, they have set up key fashion magazine covers, an H&M and Versace performance, and a televised Victoria’s Secret performance. Nicki will also be taking over for Lady Gaga as MAC’s Viva Glam Ambassador.