Rapper 2 Chainz "Addresses The Hype" Robbery Rumors Emerge

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has stepped forward to kill rumors claiming he was robbed this weekend and explained what really went down at a Detroit event.

According to 2 Chainz, there is no validity behind the robbery gossip.

"Listen u guys stop it wit da rumors, only thing happen wus my fukn CUPS got knocked out my hand thru the commotion!," he tweeted January 15th.

"Now who gone replace my lean.. Haa turnUP next stop. BMORE! TRUREALIGION TOUR continues.. 2 blessed 2 stress exhales loud pak n hotel suite"

"Hahhaaa ya h*ll! Exhales even more loud in hotel suite!"

"D*mm all this non sense around MARTIN luther king BDAY!haa Sheesh ! Hate to see if I got robbed 4real I D*mm shole wuldnt b on twitter"

"Exhalesss even more loud n hotel suite god is good! Now like I was sayin BMORE here we kom bebeee!" (2 Chainz's Twitter)

Over the weekend, rumors began spreading claiming he was robbed in Michigan.

Did 2 Chainz get robbed for one of his chains in Detroit? Rumors are flying that the hottest rapper in the south got robbed for his chain in Detroit. The Spend It rapper played at Fox Theater in Detroit to a packed house. After the show he headed to the after party when mayhem broke out. After the commotion that took place near the rapper's crew, people started saying 2 Chainz got robbed for his chain. (Global Grind)

The rapper shot a video for his Kreayshawn-assisted record, "Murder," earlier this week.

2 Chainz makes a killing in the video for "Murder," a cut off his mixtape T.R.U. REALigion. The rapper links up with his partner-in-crime Kreayshawn in the eerie visuals. The "Gucci Gucci" hitmaker is draped in all black as she sits in a room with the words "Murder," "Kill," and "Die" scrawled all over it, while 2 Chainz sharpens his weapons in an underground workshop. What could the deadly duo be plotting? (Rap-Up)

Outside of rumors, Chainz recently discussed switching up his name from Tity Boi.

"I've been doing a lot of media runs up in New York lately promoting my CD T.R.U. Realigion and every single interview I do they like, 'What's up with the name change?' So this is the universal answer," 2 Chainz said in an interview, "I just came up with it yesterday over a big bowl of kush for breakfast. ... And so people ask me where the 2 Chainz came from; I tell them I always talk about jewelry and I always been saying 2 Chainz in a lot of my songs. But lately, like the last year or so, I've been saying it, introducing my records like '2 Chainz!' and kinda making it family friendly. However you wanna say it. ... I started noticing a change early in the year when I was going to the mall and young ladies would be yelling '2 Chainz' or whatever. So my answer is, when I did 'Duffle Bag Boyz' in '07, that was like my first [exposure]. Now this right here would be my second chance. You know like 2 Chainz, second chance. So I thought that that would have a little more substance." (Shade 45)

Check out some recent 2 Chainz footage below: