Shyne's Unreleased 'Carter IV' Verse Leaks, "I'm Just Fighting For Survival W/ A Bullet & A Bible" [Audio]

New York rapper Shyne's unreleased "Outro" verse off Lil Wayne's platinum-selling Tha Carter IV album has emerged online and shows the reformed emcee going back to his gritty rhyming days.

On the record, Shyne reflects on his past criminal background and faith in God.

"It's that Shyne, Wayne, Carter," the rapper spits, "This ain't what you callin' average/This is what you call is savage, dope boy, born for trappin'/private planes with all the trappings/Real life, far from rapping/Screw soprano, this what I know/Can bang 'em but I rock and roll like I'm Bono -- I ain't no role model, from the Southside of Chicago selling dope right out the bottle and we'll spend it all today because we might not see tomorrow/I ain't proud of what I'm saying, I'm just fighting for survival with a bullet and a bible I will pull up right beside you/Put some bullets in your side..."

Last month, the rapper reflected on his original "Outro" verse and credited Weezy for putting him back into the spotlight.

"I owe a lot to Wayne for putting me on that record," said Shyne, 32. "That was a man gesture on his part, just taking me from the ashes. It took a while for me to find my voice and for me to get back in my rhythm. I'll be forever grateful to Wayne believing in me and respecting my legacy, respecting what I stand for and putting me on that record. "He didn't have anything to gain from that," Shyne added. "It's not like I'm the hottest thing on the block right now, but a legacy is a legacy. My first two albums were classics. I honor that dude." (XXL Mag)

"Outro" producer Willy Willtalked about having Shyne, Andre 3000, Nas, Bun B and Busta Rhymes all perform on his instrumental.

"Even though Shyne came out of nowhere I think the biggest shocker to me was probably Andre 3000," Willy told SOHH. "Especially since he wasn't listed [to appear]. When you listen, out of nowhere here he comes and I think it's a shock value because Andre doesn't even rap but maybe once a year. For him to come out and do this song with Wayne was a big surprise to me. For him to even do the feature was a shock and then for it to be my record, I think that might have been the biggest shocker. Secondly it would be Shyne because I haven't heard Shyne rap in forever. But first and foremost it would be Dre. Dre doesn't really kind of do these things often."

In 2010, Shyne Said Weezy was one of many rap stars he hoped to collaborate with following nearly a ten-year jail bid.

"I definitely want to collaborate with Baby, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane," Shyne revealed to SOHH. "I'd also want to record with Usher, Rihanna, there's a few people that I'm jacking their style, definitely. Obviously Jay-Z is always somebody you'd like to do a record with."

Check out the unreleased "Outro" verse below:

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