Rick Rubin Talks Working On & Recording Process Of ‘Yeezus’

Kanye’s fans and rest of the world are quite fascinated with the fact that Kanye roped in legendary producer Rick Rubin at the last minute to finish up his new album Yeezus. Rick will now be credited as an executive producer on the LP and in this interview with Wall Street Journal, he talks about the recording process and how he helped ‘Ye in putting final touches at the 11th hour. When and why did you join the “Yeezus” project? Kanye came over to play me what I assumed was going to be the finished album at three weeks before the last possible delivery date. We ended up listening to three hours of partially finished pieces. The raw material was very strong but hadn’t yet come into focus. Many of the vocals hadn’t been recorded yet, and many of those still didn’t have lyrics. From what he played me, it sounded like several months more work had to be done. I joined the project because after discussing what he had played for me, he asked if I would be open to taking all of the raw material on and help him finish it.